Book Review

The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk

One of the finest novels I have ever read. The author was brilliant in narrating a story of mundane life on a destroyer amidst the action packed pacific during the second world war which despite the lack of any heroism [as one might expect on a novel based on second world war] kept me hooked… Continue reading The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk

Favorite Lines


"I discovered that my obsession for having each thing in the right place, each subject at the right time, each word in the right style, was not the well-deserved reward of an ordered mind but just the opposite: a complete system of pretense invented by me to hide the disorder of my nature. I discovered… Continue reading Discovery


An academic’s journey – 01

My life has been full of unforeseen events and my eventual career choice was no different. When I was very young I wanted to be a pilot. I don't know why exactly I wanted to be a pilot but I was quite fascinated by the idea of traveling from one country to another as part… Continue reading An academic’s journey – 01


Crossing the millennium – my story – 01

যখন আমার জীবন নিয়ে লিখতে বসলাম তখন প্রথম যে ভাবনাটা মাথায় এলো তা হল লিখাটার structure কেমন হবে। যদিও সুনীলের বা khuswant singh এর আত্মজীবনী পড়েই প্রথম আমার নিজেকে নিয়ে লিখবার বাসনা তারপরেও ওনাদের মতন করে লিখাটা আমার শোভা পায় না। আমি ওনাদের মতো বর্ণিল জীবন যাপন করিনি, আর ওনাদের যশ বা খ্যাতির তুলনায় আমি… Continue reading Crossing the millennium – my story – 01