Expecting sympathy from Organization, a foolish errand …

Unlike a human being, an organization is an entity. So if you are expecting sympathy or human touch from an organization then most likely you will end up not getting it. We work in an organization because we do not have any better alternative. Similarly the organization keeps us because there is no better alternative. It always has to be a win-win scenario. No organization will settle for any less. The number one quality that you require in an organizational setting is the ability to adjust. You must always remember that the organization will never adjust to your requirements, it is always the other way around. Same thing goes for your bosses as well. You must learn to do things her/his way, the boss will seldom change herself or himself to accommodate you. The problem is bosses change. The solution to the problem is to have an open and flexible mindset. Comparing one boss with another is a cardinal sin in an organizational setup. You don’t get to choose your boss, so learn to live with him peacefully.

Sometimes it becomes unbearable for you to adjust and you simply cannot continue. In that case stop complaining and start applying. Get a decent job and move on. Getting a new job is a hell lot easier than getting a new boss. Interaction with your boss is a two way thing. If you think your boss is troublesome, chances are s/he is also finding you the same. So do not feel that you are the victim. The boss is also a victim as s/he is not getting the loyalty and support that was expected.

Never think that you are irreplaceable. That is a folly which has caused the demise of many talented employees. Everyone in an organization can be replaced. Sometimes the replacement may not function as well as the other person initially. But eventually things settle down because at the end of the day it is the organization not any individual that keeps on going. An organization may prove to be good enough to remain alive for centuries, but the most talented individual can only live a certain number of productive years.

So remain humble and keep your feet firmly planted to the ground. Stop complaining and start using your time productively. When you are busy complaining you are wasting your time as well as the organization’s. The complaining employee is never thought of as a good asset in an organization. After all, you are paid for working, not complaining. The complaining employee also causes disharmony and unnecessary tension in the organizational setup. This itself is sufficient for the organization to feel that this particular employee has become a liability and may be it is time for her/him to leave. Do not expect that your job will always be fun. You are not paid for having fun during office hours. You are paid so that you can have fun beyond those hours.


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