Book Review

Book Review – Origin

Just finished reading ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown. Overall, a disappointing read. The only reason I think one may read the book is because s/he may want to be one of those who read all of Brown’s work.  The book did start with the usual gripping style. The setting being Spain was also a novelty. But as I read further the book became less and less interesting. Although I found the discussion on the Guggenheim museum interesting, the detail about each and every artwork that Langdon came across throughout the book was unnecessary and sometimes became annoying. There were too many coincidences and the main theme was rather tame. The science behind his propositions on the past were murky at best, and any well read person would find what Brown told about the future as mere repetitions of what has been discussed widely in the past few years.

While discussing religion, he completely ignored places where hundreds of millions of people are practicing different religions. I am no big fan of religions or religious practices but the fact remains that Europe and USA are not the only places where religion is shaped and when you are trying to make world religion the focus of your story you simply cannot rule out the religious debates that took place or are taking place in other parts of the world. There is hardly any mention of Hinduism or Buddhism. The focus is mostly on the Abrahamic religions and this makes the discussions incomplete. I found him lacking the boldness to propagate his thoughts and he intentionally chose a middle ground to avoid alienating his readers. Good for commercial purpose I guess but not good for the book being one worth reading.

The final thought for me was ‘Brown is running out of ideas and is getting cliched’.

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