Book Review

Book Review – Origin

Just finished reading 'Origin' by Dan Brown. Overall, a disappointing read. The only reason I think one may read the book is because s/he may want to be one of those who read all of Brown's work.  The book did start with the usual gripping style. The setting being Spain was also a novelty. But… Continue reading Book Review – Origin


Dhaka Attack – The Movie

I just came home after watching Dhaka Attack. Some people asked me to write a review on that, so decided to write one. I will try to make sure that there are no spoilers, still there may be some unwanted hints. So read at your own risk. It has been quite a while since I… Continue reading Dhaka Attack – The Movie


Expecting sympathy from Organization, a foolish errand …

Unlike a human being, an organization is an entity. So if you are expecting sympathy or human touch from an organization then most likely you will end up not getting it. We work in an organization because we do not have any better alternative. Similarly the organization keeps us because there is no better alternative.… Continue reading Expecting sympathy from Organization, a foolish errand …


Being professional, how far should we go?

Had an interesting day. Made contact with three of my ex students. The first one called and we had a good chat. The second one I met in a school when I went to pick up my daughter. The third one I met at the lobby of a hotel where I went with my cousin… Continue reading Being professional, how far should we go?


Bali Reflections

I reached Bali on the morning of the 11th of September, 2016. This place is actually very far from Bangladesh and you need to spend more than 6 hours in flight and cover a distance of 5,000 kilometers. Including the transit, you easily end up spending an entire day for a one-way travel. As a… Continue reading Bali Reflections


Possessiveness in love, a costly affair

I was watching this French movie where there was this man who fell in love with a girl he initially found not so interesting. Falling in love with someone that you found uninteresting initially is nothing abnormal, and it happens all the time. However, this man then became obsessed with her and he started to… Continue reading Possessiveness in love, a costly affair


Land of the Thunder Dragon

My travel to Bhutan came at a very important juncture of my life. I needed to take some tough decisions in my personal and professional life, and needed a serene environment, where I could be with myself only, to ponder over these issues. I had been planning to visit Bhutan for quite some time, but… Continue reading Land of the Thunder Dragon